Hatha Yoga


Warm Welcome to Hatha Yoga class 2018.

I’m moving to Östersund in september. Classes will be continued there!

Hatha Yoga is the yoga of sun and moon, a state of balance between the active and the passive. Hatha yoga includes keeping a pure diet, cleansing techniques, practise of body postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranaymas), body locks (bandas), mantras (sounds) and meditation.


The benefits are many. In terms of the physical there is an increase in strenght, flexibility and balance. On the mind level it balances the emotional world and enhances our ability to focus. It releives stress and can heal addictive patterns.

Yoga can heal the soul and align us with our life purpose by using affirmations. Meditation brings a state of peace, love and tranquility.

I will be giving treatments of massage at BOOM festival in Portugal and at No Mind festival at Sweden’s most famous yoga center Ängsbacka.

Love & Light

Katarina Leander

Kontakt: neogreen@live.se